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  •      Welcome to Mary Help of                   Christians - Altona

    If you are new to our Parish, we are delighted to welcome you. We hope that here you will find a sense of community and belonging.

    We recognise that being a newcomer can be a little daunting, so we want to make sure that your transition to our Parish is a smooth one. This website gives you introductory information on our parish, its activities and key contact.  Please make yourself known.

    Message from Archpriest Michael Kalka

    Fr Michael Kalka JP ArchpriestThis is a difficult and complex time for each and every one of us. However as people of faith we need to keep our eyes always focused on Jesus who guides us through all the events of our daily living. Please remember to pray for one another and please remember to care for one another. May you be able to find joy and peace in the Risen Lord Jesus.
    Stay well; stay safe and God Bless, 
    Archpriest Michael Kalka

  •  Prayer for Tonga and the Pacific

    Loving God,
    We hold before you in our hearts
    The people of Tonga in this time of need.
    We know that the communities of the Pacific often experience fragilty.
    Now, with a volcanic explosion leading to both a Tsunami
    And degradation of land and water through ash, 
    We ask that your people find strength and feel closer to you than ever.
    They ar communities of great faith.          May they turn to you for peace and reassurance.
    May they turn to each other for comfort and community.
    And may the turn to us for support and solidarity.
    We all share this mysterious world
    Which you have entrusted to our care,       as one family.
    May your Holy Spirit give us wisdom and courage
    And fill us with the gift of Hope.


    To make a donation for the people of Tonga: 

  •   2021 Parish Renewal Program

    We have decided to defer the Parish Renewal Program until February 2022.  

  •          Thanksgiving Envelopes 

    Thank you to all our parishioners who
    contribute to thanksgiving...
    Your offering is very much
    We thank you 
    so very much!